Have you seen him?

U can see my dinger through these pants.

I loved you in a place where there’s no space or time.

I loved you in a place where there’s no space or time.



Getting pup.

I need


U need to chill.

I do a little victory dance every time a straight white guy feels that his relationship is being threatened by my pretty brown face. Like nah homie chill. I aint tryna swoop nothing I’m just try a eat five dollar pizzas with a homie. Ja feel?

Little Boy Blue.

Little Boy Blue.

During sex I want to strive to be like an airplane pilot. Like my over all goal is to get u where you need to be. But when I do have to talk to give u important information on our current situation or safety tips I want to be ale to make you laugh a little.

4got I made plans 2day but I just want to stay indoors and play all these video games I bought. Ja feel?

Funny how things work out yknow? All the little events that get you to where you are. Its a trip.

be cool dont be a nerd,

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Feign right uppercut.


Left hook to liver.

Double up

Left hook to head.

Jab out.

Right straight.